safe and
sustainable shop

our personal care is formulated to care for you and for our planet. the perfect ally for your sustainable journey, our range is non-polluting, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and low waste. as always, they’re packed and shipped plastic-free.

“oi! what happened to the other products?”

there’s a little surprise for you. very soon, we’ll be introducing new and improved range of haircare products including everyone’s favourite – shampoo bars! 

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keeping extra extra clean
during COVID-19

delivering care with safety

we’ve always cared about your health and we’re taking every step possible to ensure you continue to care for our planets’ health.

for our team

our team is working from home. only staff required for packing and QC are working from our warehouse.

COVID Precautions Temperature Check Switch Fix

mandatory temperature checks

COVID 19 Precaution Hand Wash Check Switch Fix

hand-wash stations

COVID Precautions Mask Check Switch Fix

mandatory use of mask

COVID 19 Precaution Safe Packaging Check Switch Fix

safe packaging

COVID 19 Precaution Hand Sanitiser Check Switch Fix

periodic sanitisation of workspace

for our delivery partners

we’re working with Delhivery and FedEx to ensure you have the safest no-contact delivery of our sustainable creations.

COVID Precautions Mask Check Switch Fix

mandatory use of mask

COVID Precautions No Contact Check Switch Fix

no-contact delivery