balanced, healthier, sustainable world

there’s a delicate relationship between our own health and our planets’. in a way, looking after our planet becomes an act of self-love. and so, we shouldn’t have to choose between what works for us and what works for our planet. that’s why our creations have been formulated to be safe and effective, not just for us, but for our planet too.

wild tamed by science

for our sustainable personal care range, we rely on nature smartly so that we don’t burden our natural resources. We take only what’s necessary from our glorious mother earth, tame it and extract it with sciencey goodness to give you products that are:

Non Polluting Icon

to our water sources or other species when rinsed down the drain

Plant Based or Vegan Icon
vegan / plant-based

our foundation rests in the knowledge of our natural world


the world is cruel enough, we dont want our products to be cruel too

water-free icon
Jason Momoa may quench our thirst but what about the real thirsty feeling?
Non Toxic Icon

is it truly personal “care” if it’s riddled with toxins?

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careful selection of ingredients that are safe and effective

the story
of two dots

It’s the story of two people living in completely different worlds on the same planet. One dot contains the world with glorious technological revolution that makes our life better.

The other contains the world of climate refugees living in scorching heat with mental stress and so many dying species. We know the ratio of the first dot to the other is quite unfair. This ‘ratio’ is one way to see the story of two dots. It’s about finding balance, finding an equilibrium.

Balance. It really starts with you. Yes, you may think you’re a tiny dot in this universe but it’s a bunch of tiny dots that make up something so magnificent that we could stare at it all night long. The story of two dots also tells the story of you finding another dot – your tribe.

making us blush

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