conscious care

we like roasted coffee, not a roasted planet

we’ve repurposed our favorite coffee roasters’ arabica into body scrubs that every body will love. looking for exfoliating self-care this winter? find it with planet-care.

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strong blend of self-care
and planet-care

we’ve repurposed our favorite coffee roasters’ arabica into body scrubs that every body will love. looking for exfoliating self-care this winter? find it with planet-care.

moisturising body scrub

the grind just don’t stop, queens. bless that body with the moisturising exfoliation it deserves. this thicc mixture of repurposed coffee granules, apricot oil and cocoa butter grinds away the grime and pollutants without leaving your skin dry.

cleansing body scrub

it’s meant to bean when repurposed coffee granules give you that deep exfoliation for your body. this water-free body scrub cleans grime and pollutants off your body. the plant based oils and butters go on to create a protective barrier for your skin.

how we made this blend

STEP 1: collect it

our friends at Blue Tokai keep aside the coffee that they grind for that espresso shot you love so much.

STEP 2: dry it

we use the energy source we love so much – sun – to dry out the coffee granules.

STEP 3: blend it

plant-based oils and butters make an entrance here to create a blend that cares for you, and our planet.

giving it our best shot

because our planet is becoming as steaming hot as our coffee

by 2050, 50% of the current coffee plantations may become unproductive because of climate change. here’s why:

we’re caught in erratic weather that worsens droughts, making coffee cultivation difficult

our warming planet isn’t giving a warm welcome to species that help pollinate the coffee crop

farmers farm is caused harm by higher temperatures, making them seek higher altitudes to pick the bean

message from the founders

“We have been using The Switch Fix’s products at home for a while and really love the brand. We were very excited when this opportunity to partner with them came up since not only do we get to work with a brand we care for but it’s a great way to sustainably reuse coffee grinds that would have been discarded. I’ve used a lot of coffee scrubs but none that have made my skin feel so moisturized while also getting rid of all the winter pollution that settles on our skin. I really can’t say enough good things about anything The Switch Fix comes out with and am so happy we got a chance to work together.” 

Namrata Asthana
Co-founder, Blue Tokai Coffee Rosters

“We’ve come up with so many interesting ideas over a cup of Blue Tokai coffee. When we realised how the erratic rainfall and prolonged droughts in our country is putting our beloved coffee at risk, we couldn’t help but think of ways to repurpose it. When we reached out to our friends at Blue Tokai, we were thrilled to see their passion for living consciously. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to repurpose Blue Tokai’s coffee into not just one, but two body scrubs that will cleanse and nourish our skin even through winter and pollution.”

Rhea Shukla
Co-founder, The Switch Fix

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