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the world’s less of a mess with self care. it makes sense to celebrate self-care rituals that care for our planet too. #DIFY

personal care products that fit right into your clean and conscious lifestyle

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fixes that make sense

yes, our lifestyle has turned this planet into a hot mess. But, simple lifestyle switches add up and start to mend our planet. So, meet our new and upgraded range of personal care products that makes sense.

It’s time to do the switcheroo.

festive box for planet and self-care

build your own box

INR 1,999

nourishing and restorative haircare bundle

hemp seed oil and kokum butter

INR 1,329

haircare bundle to promote overall healthier hair

blue tea and grapeseed oil

INR 1,279

shampoo bar for stronger hair

acai berry and onion seed extract

INR 459

shampoo bar for scalp immunity

blue tea and grapeseed oil

INR 429

shampoo bar for damage repair

hemp seed oil and kokum butter

INR 479

New Eco-friendly Shipping Boxes

we know how to box

when it comes to the fight against plastic waste

not only does it look cool, it’s sturdy enough to ship, durable enough to be reused and repurposed, sustainable enough to be recycled and/or composted. 100% biodegradable.

our tribe
spills the beans

switch fix reviews: here’s what our tribe of Switchers has to say about us. are you one of them? tell us what you think.

let's move in together

hey, i was wondering if you feel it’s time for us to take our relationship to the next level.

all of our products are also available on subscription. check out subscription plans for an uninterrupted clean and conscious living.

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lets give MINIs a shot

Confused about what to try? That’s okay, let’s take it step by step. Check out our trial kit of shampoo bar MINIs.

coming soon.

it makes sense to be
clean and conscious

our story is simply about trying to make sense of how we changed our planet so much and where to go from here. there’s a delicate balance between our health and our planet’s health. A more sustainable world to us means a world where more people find themselves leading a healthier life physically and mentally. And that’s just not possible if we don’t stop our climate from changing. 

from our studio

we’re suckers for a good honest story. Check out some collabs and other pieces we’ve done to tell a story worth telling – creating a healthier world.

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it makes sense to be clean and conscious

in a world that often doesn’t make sense, a switch makes sense. introducing all-new range of hair care. It makes sense.

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I am natural

to celebrate Pride Month in all it’s glory, we collaborated with our friends from the LGBTQ community to spread some love.

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Earth day

When 7 billion of us become healthier and more sustainable, the fix will be a simple switch.